Livery Packages

We offer a range of livery packages to suit you and your horses needs.

Full Livery
Our full livery package includes the following 7 days a week:


  • Ad-lib Hay/ Haylage
  • Ad-lib Straw (Shavings 2 bags per week)
  • Full morning muck out
  • Turning out
  • Bring In with leg wash and picking out of feet
  • Rug changes as required
  • Daily groom
  • Skip off as required throughout the day
  • Hard feed inclusive of a Balancer (quantities discussed with owners and adjusted as necessary)
  • Holding for Farrier and Vet visits
  • Use of walker up to twice daily
  • Full use of facilities
  • Horsebox/Trailer parking

Part Livery (5/2)

Includes all services Monday to Friday with clients attending to their horses at weekends.

Assisted DIY livery includes the following:

  • Ad-lib hay or haylage
  • Ad-lib bedding
  • Either a turn out or bring in daily
  • Full use of all facilities


Rehabilitation Livery

The facilities at Hebden Wood Equestrian are some of the best in Yorkshire and ideal for rehabilitation purposes,  If your horse is recuperating from injury or surgery and requires a structured, tailored made return to work programme our facilities allow us to offer  controlled periods of exercise in safe surroundings.